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The Ford Taurus occupies an honored place in automotive history due to its massive popularity and lengthy run as a best seller. It's been impressing drivers with its dependability and surprisingly luxurious creature comforts since 1985. When repairs are necessary, using OEM Ford parts is vital for a few reasons.

First things first, OEM Taurus parts are the key to longevity. You can't expect your Taurus to hold up over time if you opt for cheap aftermarket air filters and spark plugs. Choosing suspect third-party merchandise from a less than reputable manufacturer is a sure-fire way to do more harm than good.

Moreover, OEM Ford parts are the best way to ensure long-term peace of mind when you're driving. That's because real OEM Ford parts are covered by an amazingly generous warranty policy that virtually guarantees years of reliable service. If you happen to get a bad part by chance, your OEM vendor will take care of it.

Lastly, using OEM Ford parts for Taurus repairs and maintenance is a financially sound move that pays dividends. When you amortize the cost of quality Ford parts over the life of the hardware, the total cost of ownership is less than that of third-party parts with lower sticker prices.

At, selling only the highest-quality OEM Ford Taurus parts is why we get up in the morning. We have the brake rotors, water pumps and catalytic converters you need to keep your Taurus in tip-top shape. Our next-generation parts finder is your ticket to the best prices on real OEM parts for your Taurus.